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Talentsearch ATS has improved our recruitment process for over 2 years. The Extension integrates with Li, Djinni, Rabota, Work, etc. for easy candidate management. The user-friendly interface lets us create job postings and move candidates through stages effortlessly. With the Search Console, we can find candidates beyond our database. We'd love to see recruiter performance analysis added. We look forward to Talentsearch's continued innovation.

Marina Portna

CEO at JobAdvice Agency


In our search for a system to assist us with candidate screening and evaluation during the prescreen stage, Talentsearch emerged as the ideal choice. With a vast candidate database and a chrome extension that works seamlessly across multiple job sites, it perfectly met our requirements.

Nadiia Kovanzhi

Recruitment Lead, Digicode


TalentSearch streamlined our recruitment process and made it easier to hire new teachers. It also helped with our student training courses. The support team is prompt and professional and resolved many issues. It has all the necessary features for recruiters, like database import, vacancy statistics, and a large candidate database.

Kyrylo Polishchuk

Growth Manager, Hillel IT school


TalentSearch has completely transformed our recruitment process. With its intuitive platform, Applicant Tracking System, chrome extension and search console, we're now able to quickly source, evaluate and manage top talent from a variety of sources. We've been able to make data-driven hiring decisions and are thrilled with the results. Highly recommend!

Yuliia Drobot

Talent Acquisition Lead at Roosh


I'd like to thank TalentSearch for the quick implementation of their recruitment automation platform, Since June 2019, their team has been responsive to our requests and helped us transfer all our data from eStaff. The intuitive interface made it easy for our team to use the search console and ATS. We especially appreciated the automation setup for candidate screening using chatbots, which saved our recruiters time. The platform is regularly updated with new features and the team is open to integrations and collaboration with our IT department.

Oksana Stepanova

Department head, Fozzy Group recruitment,

TalentSearch has been a game-changer for our enterprise since we began using it in 2020. The level of professionalism displayed by the company was top-notch as they seamlessly integrated their system for all our departments. Thanks to TalentSearch, we are able to easily find and manage candidates, and view comprehensive statistics for all our departments. Their system has truly transformed the way we approach recruitment and has helped us achieve remarkable results.

Olga Osenina

Head of recruitment, Kernel

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